Console Configuration

Audio Device Setup

The first thing you need to do once you've assembled the hardware of a SAC system and installed the necessary drivers is configure SAC's ability to communicate with the audio interface. This setup is done in two locations. The first is on the Options menu under Audio Driver Model. For best performance you'll want to pick the ASIO Protocol and the correct driver for your hardware. In some cases, that may be all you need to worry about.

The next step is to configure the input/output channel pairs on the Audio Device Setup panel. If you chose the ASIO driver model, by default all the input and output pairs available from the driver are mapped one-to-one to SAC's virtual input/output devices. If you need a special arrangement or want to disable any device pairs to use with other programs, you can reorder or disable any device pairs on the panel. Note the button that swaps between input and output assignments as well as the button stepping through sub-pages displaying the 36 device pairs.

Included templates

SAC includes very basic templates for channel counts in blocks of eight from 8-72. These templates give a clean slate with all of the mono input devices mapped 1:1 with the virutal channels.

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