Input Eq


Different skins will label this button differently. The entire EQ section is enabled/disabled with this button.

High/Low Cut

The button beneath each frequency control enables or disables the filter. Both filters are sweepable between 40Hz and 15Khz.

5 Band Grid

The grid visually represents the gain adjustments made on EQ bands 1-5. The band numbers are labeled beneath each fader bar. The grid is fixed in its control of Band 1 on the left through Band 5 on the right and is not a visual representation of the EQ curve applied to the signal from low frequencies through high frequencies.

Reset Flat

The reset flat button is a momentary button and only resets the gain controls of the 5 EQ bands. The frequency and bandwidth settings remain untouched.

EQ Bands

SAC provides 5 bands of fully parametric EQ. Each band is fully sweepable from 40Hz to 15Khz and adjustable from 1/10 of an octave to 3 octaves. Gain ranges from -15db to +15db.

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