Command Reference


Keypresses here are represented by the key name in square brackets. [Alt], [Enter], [Ctrl] would be typical keypresses.

[Left-Click], [Left-Hold], [Right-Click], [Right-Hold] are used to indicate the use of mouse buttons.

Many actions in SAC require the use of keypresses and mouse-clicks. Multiple keys and/or mouse clicks used at the same time are shown side-by-side without spaces. [Shift][Tab], [Alt][Right-Click] or [Alt][Shift][Right-Click] are examples of this convention.

The commands listed here are documented in more detail throughout this Wiki and/or the SAC user manual. As this Wiki is expanded, commands will be linked to the appropriate documentation.


General Commands
Main Window Bar Commands
Common Mixer View Commands
Full Mixer View Commands
Exploded/Zoom Mixer View Commands
Wide Mixer View Commands

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