General Commands

Normal Windows Alt usage: Hold [Alt] until the menu shortcut letters are underlined.
Force Audio Engine Shutdown: Press [Pause/Break]

Workspace Views

Recall View Location: Press [F1]-[F12], [Alt][F1]-[Alt][F12]
Store View Location: Hold [Shift] and press the desired location.

Control Operation

Snap faders to default position: [Left-Hold][Right-Click], [Ctrl][Left-Click]
Show Clear Meter Peak options: [Left-Click] channel meter display

Pan/Volume/Threshold Fader Controls

Adjust Faders: [Left-Hold] Faders and drag them horizontally or vertically along the fader track.

Channel Volume Adjustments

LevelDisplayBox.png Level display box
FaderSmallArrows.png Fader track small arrows
Increment channel faders by .25db: Press [Ctrl][Up/Down Arrow] or [Left-Click] either level display arrows or fader track small arrows
Increment faders by .5db: Press [Up/Down Arrow]
Increment faders by 1db: Press [Shift][Up/Down Arrow] or [Ctrl][Left-Click] fader track small arrows

Display/Control Combo Boxes DisplayControlCombo.png

Increment Value Up/Down in Steps: [Left-Click] right-side up/down arrows
Use Fine Adjustment Fader: [Left-Hold] between the right-side up/down arrows and drag the pop-up fader.
Show Direct Selection List: [Left-Click] top-left corner mark if available

Multi-Channel Operations

Adjust Multiple Channels: Select multiple channels using the Channel Number Area then adjust any channel control
Unlink Single Channel from Selected Channels: With multiple channels selected, hold [Alt] to adjust a selected channel without impacting other selected channels.

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