Main Window Bar Commands

Live Light Commands LiveLight.png

Activate/Deactivate Audio Engine: [Right-Click]
Recycle/Restart Audio Engine: [Shift][Left-Click]

Load Display Commands LoadDisplay.png

Display slipped buffer count: [Left-Click] the displayed load percentage.

Solo Light Commands SoloLight.png

Clear active solo switches: [Left-Click] blinking/solid Solo light
Output Master Solo Mode (Green): [Left-Click] unlit Solo light
Hot Channel Solo Mode (Solid Red): [Alt][Left-Click] unlit Solo light
Hot Channel Solo Mode w/ Returns (Solid Red): [Alt][Shift][Left-Click] unlit Solo light, requires SIP on
Adjust master Solo Output Level: [Right-Click] Solo light

Channel Jump Commands ChannelJump.png

I: Input Section, R: Return Section, O: Output Section
Jump to First Section Channel: [Left-Click]
Jump to Next Section Channel: [Shift][Left-Click], [Right-Click]
Jump to Last Section Hot Channel: [Alt][Left-Click], [Right-Click]

Current Mixer Display Commands CurrentMixer.png

Select Mixer List: [Left-Click]
Duplicate Mixer Section Options: [Right-Click]

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