Physical overview
Photo/Video examples (need submissions of clean setups, VO describing various options and scalability of the system?)
System Components - Host, Interface, Preamp/Outputs, Controls, Remotes?
Physical Connectivity - Basic system with interface connected by ADAT to physical i/o (really not sure what if anything needs to be covered here after the system components page.)

Getting Started
Starting SAC
Quick tour of mixer windows
Audio Interface configuration use ASIO, physical options
Common parameters
Setting up Solo
Saving default preferences
Channel Selection
Function key views
Saving/opening mix sessions
SAC folder structure
Basic routing (select input, route channel to output, raise faders, select output, viola!)

The Input Channel
Overview from F-Mixer view
FX points
Fader section

The Aux/Return Channel
Aux "Input"
Aux Output
Return Input
FX points
Fader section

Sub Groups and Master Outputs
Mono Button
FX points
Fader section

Solo/Muting functions
Selecting solo outputs
Selecting solo mode
Solo master options
Solo Fx points
Channel offsets
Muting, Mute through monitors option

Monitor Mixers
Input sources, Return sources
Mon1 Mute through monitors option
General uses as monitors and matrix mixers

Using Function Key Views
Function Key overviews
Arranging view options
Storing Function keys
Options for Function keys
Recalling Function keys
Saving defaults
Saving/Recalling optional sets

Scenes, control your world
Scene window overview
Scene recall options (space bar and advance)
Creating scenes and associated options
Updating scenes
Right-click modifying
Deleting and file affects
Importing scenes
Various use case examples

Plugins, effect your world
Pre/Post patch points
Plugin types supported and requirements (zero latency)
The Fx list, grouping options
Included EQ plugin
Included delay plugin
Additional RML Labs plugins and fun uses
Plugin Best practices (test, test, test)

Remote Control
SACRemote overview (what it does and doesn't do)
User rights
Basic configuration and connecting of SACRemote (configuring the network outside the scope?)
Requirements to remote control plugins

Video: Control Surfaces
Buy a control surface

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